How to Save Money Your Next Rental Car

How to Save Money Your Next Rental Car

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After a long flight, followed by a sometimes even longer wait at the baggage

claim, many people rush through the rental car process, desperate to get out

of the airport. I don’t think it would be too far to even say that some car rental

companies depend on you to be stressed out and at your wits end. Never fear

though, there are some things you can do to improve your rental car experience

and save some money in the process.


Picking Your Car

This one should be common sense. Whatever your trip involves, you want a car

that can meet those requirements. So if you are on a grand ski trip through the

Alps with your family, you will probably need an SUV to carry everything.

Similarly, if you are on a weekend get away up the Pacific Coast Highway

getting a two-seat roadster like a Mazda Miata or Mercedes Benz SL is only

going to make your trip that much better. Another thing to consider is the gas

mileage of your vehicle. If you are planning on driving a lot of miles, it might

be worth it to pick a car that gives you more miles-per-gallon. Many rental

companies also offer hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius, which gets

upwards up 45 mpg city.


Booking in Advance

The Internet is truly a magnificent thing. Among being able to order everything

from groceries to Soviet war memorabilia online, you can now also book

your rental car in advance. Major car rental companies like Enterprise, Hertz,

Alamo, Avis and Budget all offer online booking in advance, so you can get from

airplane to car as quickly as possible. Booking online also gives you an

opportunity to find coupons and promos to save some money on your next rental.

Booking in advance can save you time and money.


Get Ready for Hidden Costs

In recent years, car rental companies have become more transparent about

what the actual cost of your rental will be. Still, it’s easy to fall for a seemingly

amazing rate, only to discover later that you also must pay hidden fees like

drop-off costs, gas, insurance, extra driver fees, and state and local taxes. Many

times advertised rates are only for off-season prices, or car models that are

not suitable or no longer available. Also quotes are subject to rapid change,

much like airline prices, depending on car supplies. Booking in advance will help

you avoid changing costs, but be aware if you don’t that the price of a car when

you took off can change by the time you landed.


Wrap Up

Don’t let rental car difficulties get in the way of your vacation. Know what you’re

looking for and be ready for costs that might change so you aren’t caught off

guard. If you plan out ahead of time, you should have no problems in picking

the right car and enjoying your vacation.