Rome, Italy – What To Do and See

Rome, Italy – What To Do and See

As the third most visited city within Europe, Rome is considered a fantastic destination for sightseeing. Known as the Eternal City, the legacy of Rome, Italy, has certainly been built to last. From the Coliseum of Ancient Rome to the Quirinal Palace from the renaissance, Rome is a city of vibrant architecture and limitless charm and can make a wonderful holiday destination to those who appreciate a little culture in their holidays.


Visiting Rome

If holidaying in a centre of culture and history sounds appealing, Rome may be just the destination for you. Long weekend breaks from the UK are very popular and allow you to spend time exploring the city and both package holidays and self-book holidays are available. Make sure you remember to purchase holiday insurance before you fly to ensure you are covered in the case of an emergency.

Once there, there are a magnitude of things to do and see. We’ve listed some of the best tourist attractions to visit whilst in Rome.

The Coliseum

The Coliseum is considered one of the greatest legacies of the Roman Empire and is the largest amphitheatre in the world. In its time, the Coliseum could have held between 50,000 and 80,000 people as spectators at the games that were held there. It is hard to visit the Coliseum without feeling awe at the grandness and the notion that it was built in 80AD and is still standing as a testament to the best of Roman architecture and engineering.

Vatican Museums

If art is more your scene, a must-see are the Vatican Museums. These museums house some of the finest art and antiquities in the world and shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Rome. Due to the museums’ popularity the queues can be incredibly long, therefore it is recommended to buy tickets for your trip ahead of time to skip the queues and spend the maximum amount of time admiring the history.

St Peter’s Basilica

For a free day out whilst visiting Rome, St Peter’s Basilica is one that can’t be missed. Until recently, St Peter’s Basilica was the largest church in the world and the grandeur of this destination is still thrilling. The interior of the Church is dazzling both in scale and in design. Whilst entrance to the main church is absolutely free and offers plenty to see, if you would like to climb to the top of the dome this does carry a fee but is magnificent to behold.