It’s Not All About the Casinos in Vegas

It’s Not All About the Casinos in Vegas

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We know that Las Vegas ic the mecca for all things gambling related but it is possible to have fun outside of those windowless dens of ringing slot machines and dice bouncing along the baize. When I visited there with my family I took a little bit of time and did some research and found there is plenty to do for families in Vegas and I have listed below some suggestions for you to consider.

I will start with which was probably the most expensive but well worth it, a helicopter flight and lunch in the Grand Canyon. Obviously it is a little way out of town but you get there fast enough through the air. What can I say? Awesome. From the air you really get a sense of scale as to the enormity of this natural landscape. It goes for miles and miles and is so deep you cannot believe that it was carved out naturally by the Colorado River over millions of years. Topping it off with lunch at the bottom next to the riverbank was the perfect way to end the day.

For the evenings we had plenty of shows to choose from and we went to a couple. As far as the Cirque du Soleil shows were concerned you have a number of options. Because the kids are into their Michael Jackson we went to watch One at the Mandaly. It was pretty good with all the usual Cirque trimmings, acrobatics, gymnastics and the like. All set to Jacko’s musical hits. Another we did because I like a bit of magical trickery was Penn and Teller at the Rio. I’ve always wanted to see these as it’s not just magic and illusion, but a comedy show as well. Very entertaining and for the life of me I don’t know how they pull some of theses tricks off.

The final one I am going to recommend because it gets the adrenalin going is the zip-lining at Slotzilla. You can find this place inside the Fremont Street covered area. You have a few options here but the basic attraction is that you can fly zip-line style over the heads of the people walking down below. It’s pretty high up so if you don’t have a head for heights you are probably going to have to give this one a miss. Also in Fremont is a zombie attraction called Fear the Walking Dead based around the television series. Frightened the kids to death, and me, but fun nonetheless.