It’s time for some luxury!

It’s time for some luxury!

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When ever we go away on holiday the main aim is to relax and forget about the stresses in life, there is no better way to do this than to make sure your holiday is one of luxury! Yes, luxury does cost a little more but what is does ensure is that you won’t have to worry about a thing. When you book luxury hotels you know that every little details will be taken care of for you, if you have any questions people will help and the customer service will be second to none.

It's time for some luxury!

Recently I was lucky enough to stay in a luxury hotel in Hong Kong, all I can say is wow! After so much travel staying in guest houses and hostels you really do forget just how special a top luxury hotel is. My girlfriend and I had the most relaxing weekend end break we have ever had.

Have you stayed in a top class hotel on any of your holidays? I would love to hear your stories about why you loved it so much? Why you would recommend it? and where you stayed? All you have to do is write your thoughts in the comment section below, I can’t wait to read them!

So here is why I love luxury hotels

The customer service

From the moment you have the front door opened and you are greeted you feel like you are staying somewhere special. Forget about carrying your luggage because that will be brought up to the room for you. You will always be met by a big smile by the receptionist who will then also engage you in friendly conversation and let you know all the info you need to know. At anytime you can call down to reception for help or call the concierge to get recommendations for tours or restaurants, or to book a fantastic Hong Kong car service.

The facilities

You are nearly always going to have w huge variety of facilities for you to enjoy; the swimming pool, sauna, gym, games room, spa, cinema room and library. They are always in pristine condition and top of the range equipment is there for you to use.

The wow factor

Whilst I love hostels there is something so special when you head back to your hotel at night, you can see it shining brightly and looking beautiful. It feels good knowing that you are going to be staying there. Then you walk in to your bedroom to find your room has been turned down by room keeping which is perfect! All you can think is WOW!