6 Things to Do on the Mayan Riviera

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The Mayan Riviera in Mexico is one of those holiday destinations that’s popular with all kinds of tourists. Everyone from college spring breakers to couples and families with kids can find something to enjoy in this gorgeous region. With lush rain forests, sandy beaches and tons of outdoor adventures, you’ll never be bored here. So book one of the many Mexico beach rentals and get ready to try some of these awesome activities to jump start your holiday:

Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen This city is well known as an excellent diving spot. It’s crystal clear waters mean you can see so much colorful wildlife, and there are tons of dive shops where you can rent equipment and take lessons to become dive certified.

Visit the Mayan Ruins You can’t visit the Mayan Riviera without seeing some Mayan Ruins! The ancient city of Tulim along the Caribbean sea offers tours of the ancient temples and housing ruins here.

Go Horseback Riding Experience this lush natural landscape and stunning coastline from the back of a horse. Ranch Baaxal offers hour-long or more tours with a maximum of 6 people. Your guide will lead you through areas with wildlife like iguanas, wild pigs and birds of prey.

Take a Cooking Class Have a taste of the Central American cuisine and want to learn how to make it yourself? Try the Little Mexican Cooking School which teaches a fusion of Mexican and Spanish cuisine. You’ll learn some new skills, make new friends and best of all, you get to eat your creations!

Bum on the Beach Amidst all the adventures, don’t forget to veg out on the gorgeous beaches on the Riviera. Hop into a lounge chair with a  margarita and you’re set for a day of suntanning, swimming and relaxation.

Explore Rio Secreto It literally translates as the “Secret River”, and you’ll see why once you enter this mysterious nature reserve filled with partially flooded caves and tranquil pools. Try the guided tour which includes hiking and swimming through the caverns.

Go Out in Playa del Carmen Once you’ve exhausted all your energies during the daytime activities, take a nap then head out on the town to experience the nightlife in this vibrant town. There are tons of restaurants and bars offering a smattering of food, drinks and music late into the night.

There are endless things for you to enjoy here at this perfect tourist destination, whatever your needs they will be more than catered for here. What were you favourite activities the last time you went over to Mexico? Please do let everyone know what you enjoyed, what you wish you had tried out and what you wish you’d never laid eyes on. I’m sure that between us all we can put together a fantastic list for anyone that is planning to head to Mexico for the first time this year or in the future. Thank you for contributing guys, and if you feel like you have some questions then please put them in the comment section below this article.